Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Procession Without "I"

Truely, its an extraordinary procession in which the processonist, the 'I' hardly takes part. This makes the author, journalist T J S Georges's 'Goshayatra' (Malayalam) stand apart from a plethora of autobiographies.

It reveals George's phenomenal life and experiences of his eventful career. Its a journey set off from Bombay to Newyork through Honkong. Everywhere he got ceremonious welcome and noted colleagues.He has achieved distinction internationally as a professional author, serious political columnist and biographer with a series of major books like Krishna Menon (1964) Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore (1973) remain the standard works on these controversial subjects. His account of The Life & Times of Nargis (1994) is in effect, a microcosm of the Hindi film industry. The Lessons in Journalism - The Story of Pothan Joseph (2007) is other noteworthy work.

To me the most interesting story in the 'Goshayatra' is about the goat turned tiger story of Bal Thakarey, his colleague in 'The Free Press Journal'. The book clearly depicts a historical account of modern indian english journalism and detailed profiles of its forefathers and their contributions, commitments, dedications etc. This makes this book a must read to the students of journalism and new generation journalists.

TJS George is a journalist who began his career in Bombay's Free Press Journal in 1950, moved through the International Press Institute, The Searchlight and the Far Eastern Economic Review to become the founding editor of Asiaweek (Hong Kong). He is currently on the Company Board of The New Indian Express.